Hi, Incufan! Will you take time to read this?

We’ve been planning a little something for Brandon’s upcoming birthday this February 15, when someone messaged me, mariaine-s, suggested a cool idea: You guys would have a picture of yourself, your birthday greetings for Brandon, and put your tumblr url name and country on it. You can send it to my submit box, and I will compile all of your pictures and make a video of it. Then on February 15, we will try our best to send it to Brandon—in our virtual Incuparty on twitter. The deadline of the pictures is on February 12, because it really takes such a LONG LONG time for me to create and edit things, so i’ll try my best to do a video for this.

If you’re going to join us, please message me at my ask box, for further suggestions and comments. So, are you in?

  1. dig-incubus answered: OMG whens the last day I can send a picture in lol
  2. celestial316 answered: I’m in! I’m in! Let me know what I need to do.
  3. invisiblefloatingtorsowoman answered: so a pic of me holding a greeting or a pic and just something written with it?
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  8. anomalija-incubusic answered: I am so in my Incubus friend :] i have to figure out some nice picture, because Brandon deserves all the best :]
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  10. thevirgindoll said: we should submit artworks for him too ! I think he’ll really appreciate that :)
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